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Hair Salon Design and Plans

Here is a technical guide for a hair salon design:  space planning and furniture arrangement, a practical example with 3D model. A  hair salon  design requires technical and organizational factors that make the project a real challenge. That’s why it is necessary to consider design rules but also to adopt the proper  marketing techniques  to achieve effective solutions in terms of  furniture and space arrangement . Some important aspects to consider to correctly design a hair salon are: ·           interior space planning ·           furniture arrangement   Hair salon design: interior space arrangement Interior spaces arrangement  is fundamental when planning a hair salon and will require that certain regulations and standards are met, especially regarding plant installation systems (hydraulic and electrical). In fact, a correct planning should guarantee customer’s  comfort  and  wellness  as well as facilitating work activities. A hair salon can be divided into  3 ma

Dining Room Lighting Ideas To Set The Mood

  Dining room lighting helps you add a sculptural element to your dining area To make sure you and your guests always get an Instagram-worthy picture, you have to ensure the dining room lighting is just right. And that is exactly why we are here with the best dining room lighting ideas. Mirror round dining tables with round dining room light fittings and for long tables, go for linear dining room light fittings that provide uniform light across the table. Get a glimpse of the latest dining room lighting trends from this list and give your dining area an instant uplift. Make sure you maintain the standard distance of 36 inches between the dining table’s surface and the fixture. Mason Jar Dining Room Lighting Pendulum lights for dining rooms are often a popular choice in dining room light fittings as it’s the one place you can liberally suspend a light fixture. Pick this cluster of mason jar-shaped lights from the pendulum lights for dining room collection to give your dining area a mode