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Rizwan Ahmad

Profile After worked with Decon Lighting (Strebore Design), Proform interiors pvt. ltd.(Sharmilee Furnishing Pvt. Ltd.) and several architects, interior designers,Rizwan Ahmadstarted the Raska Interiors in Delhi in 2005.Raska Interiors is specialize in manufacturing a complete series of modern designer furniture, designed to provide the flexibility, economy and utility required by clients today… and tomorrow. Developed by a national team of furniture design experts, and created in one of the most modern manufacturing facilities in the Delhi. Each component is controlled, and subjected to rigorous testing to guarantee compliance with all appropriate national and international standards. Raska Furniture Industries also works in conjunction with the Delhi’s leading furniture company, to provide a complete range of furniture.The up-to-date machines and equipment are there to maintain the highest level of quality and to comply with international.

We specialize in custom-built pieces, built f…